We are living in interesting times. It is now the norm for digital assistants to schedule meetings, AI to work alongside humans, and computers to pick stocks, translate speech, and diagnose cancer.

Gartner reported that one in five workers will have AI as their co-worker in 2022. Crazy, right? And here’s the thing: the further development of AI brings the promise of increased productivity, safety, and convenience. On the flip side, it also raises difficult questions on the impact on jobs, skills, wages and the future of work itself.

Humans + Technology = Greater Possibilities

At Experiential Insight, we believe that thoughtful use of AI-based automation, far from making humans obsolete, can open up vast possibilities for us to become smarter and create meaningful work that requires uniquely human strengths.

While the future of work and technology will continue to evolve at a rapid pace, the key to our effectiveness and well-being will be to understand how humans and technology can best work together. There is a looming fear that technology and automation could possibly wipe out thousands of jobs, leaving many unemployed. This very thought could turn into a reality if this is the mindset we take on. Instead, we need to shift our thought process to, “how can I use technology to enhance what I already do?” or “how can I use technology to accelerate my results?” This understanding will require that we embrace and tap into what makes us human to begin with, which is rooted in two key areas: the strength of our Success Skills, and our personal connection to one another.

Success Skills + Connection = Unlocking Human Potential

In addition to developing strong technical skills, forward-looking HR leaders understand the value of strengthening Success Skills and creating an environment where employees can connect with each other in meaningful and accelerated ways. In other words, the future of work is not about humans OR technology, it’s about humans AND technology – a space where we thrive together!

Experiential Insight actively works with corporations to prepare their workforce in both these areas for the future of work.

Here’s how:

  • Strengthening Success Skills: HyperQ is our thought leadership framework that develops executive level skills for all employees and unlocks the full potential of your organization’s workforce. HyperQ is the key to how organizations will scale, grow and ride into the future.

  • Connection to Others: We believe that individuals can only grow in a transformative way when they grow together. By breaking silos, creating augmented learning, shared understanding and accountability, human connection increases. When human connection increases human impact also increases.

With a passion to prepare companies for the future of work, our team is proud to partner with industry leaders such as Facebook, VMware, Nielsen, Gojek, and several others globally to provide a human enabled technology solution that enables employees to unlock their potential and accelerate their impact.

Bob Thordarson | Chief Technology Officer | Experiential Insight

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