I spend my days in career coaching conversations with alumni of all levels and across different-sized companies and industries in my role as the Director of the Smeal College of Business Alumni Center at Penn State University.

If one thing is clear, it is that our alumni are constantly searching for lifelong learning opportunities in an effort to continue their growth and development post-graduation. I know this is not a unique case to our alumni, but that universally individuals are craving access to knowledge that enhances their ability to reach successful heights. 

“And the truth of the matter is that most alumni are not getting access to the type of development opportunities they are looking for.”

Being at the heart of these conversations I know what opportunities individuals are getting access to through their companies versus what they are searching for. And the truth of the matter is that most alumni are not getting access to the type of development opportunities they are looking for.

Smeal Alumni Career Services offers a robust one-on-one career coaching service which assists alumni clients with strategizing a job search process or career transition. As coaches, we help our alumni refine their application materials, research respective industries, and prepare for various forms of interviewing.

Areas that focus more on leadership, managing teams, and creating impact in the workplace are topics we touch on, but we don’t actively coach on. We discovered this gap in our coaching program and found Experiential Insight’s approach to executive coaching for non-executives to be an incredible asset to the work we already do.

This is why we have stepped up as an alumni center – to intentionally address that gap so that we can continue to support our alumni in meaningful ways that make a difference.

Through our partnership with Experiential Insight, we are providing intimate group coaching to our alumni so they can start to develop the Success Skills they need to unlock their full potential. This includes important Success Skills such as visionary intelligence, social intelligence, curiosity, growth mindset, and so on.

We’re big believers of measuring impact, and we know that on average our alumni are experiencing a 2.7 point shift on a scale of 1.0 to 10 from before the group Coaching Track to after. That’s a remarkable difference.

The shift is powerful, and I’m proud to be able to serve our alumni through unique opportunities that accelerate their achievement.


Keleigh Asbury | Director Smeal College of Business Alumni Center | Penn State University

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