In our modern and fast-paced world, organizations face constant change all the time.

Leading a company through ever-increasing complexity and changing economic models is no small endeavor. Having the right tools that enable you to push your human capital assets into new heights means introducing capabilities that are uniquely positioned.

So what makes a team uniquely capable beyond what they already know and do?

At Experiential Insight, we call this unique capability Visionary Intelligence, which is an Intelligence Type in our thought leadership framework called HyperQ.

In our experience working with the hottest startups, to the mid-sized growth machines, and the big enterprises too, it is increasingly clear that companies that lead with Visionary Intelligence (VQ) have an advantage over their competition.

What is VQ?

Visionary Intelligence or VQ consists of the following seven Success Skills:

VQ Success Skills.png

What’s the Opportunity?

Building a team that embodies each of these Success Skills is where your greatest opportunity lies.

Being a visionary and having VQ are two different things. VQ enables your organization to look beyond, think bigger, never be satisfied, create experiences, and so much more.

This is a powerful place for both the individual and the company to strive for because it will create heightened employee engagement, and rapid next-level organizational results.

Are you ready to build the team that’ll help your organization adapt and grow?

Then seize the opportunity to let us build VQ in your organization today.


Nishika de Rosairo  |  CEO and Founder  |  Experiential Insight 

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