The world around us keeps evolving at the speed of light, and it’s becoming harder to predict what the future of life and work will mean for each of us in five years time… or even in just two short years.

Artificial intelligence (AI) still seems like it’s decades away from coming into real contact with our every day lives. The term alone sounds complex, unfriendly, and cold. But the truth is, AI is already here, and has been for a few years now. Starting with the virtual assistant most of us seem to share, aka  “Siri”, to Google’s self-driving cars doing their testing rounds in Pittsburg and San Francisco, AI is alive and kicking in our current world.

“And if you thought automation was something that would only happen to blue collar workers, think again”

These are examples that shed light on the cool and sexy angles of AI. But strip away the cool and sexy, and we become acutely aware of a new world where certain job duties of white collar professionals become automated. And if you thought automation was something that would only happen to blue collar workers, think again! When AI truly arrives, the future of work will start to unveil a different landscape that may not seem so sexy after all.

The upside of AI includes the ability to experience massive gains in productivity by streamlining efforts, eliminating errors, and delivering rapid results. The downside of AI includes certain professional functions within roles being replaced, and in some cases, the entire role being eliminated altogether. Naturally this will create a ripple effect that feeds into several downstream implications one of which will be to our traditional education system.

We keep hearing that our current education system is not working, and if you believe that to be the case now, then in five years time you’ll be screaming it from the mountain tops. Why? Because degree holders will no longer have the exclusive golden ticket required today to enter the professional workplace of tomorrow. A degree will become table stakes, with non-technical skills holding so much greater value than the technical knowledge a person holds. In this new AI world, the real value will become our ability to connect to and with other humans in ways that are influential, meaningful, and create real impact. 

“So what can we do to prepare for Artificial Intelligence?”

Preparation for a world of AI requires that we get smart about our ‘Total Value’. This means that everyday that we walk into the workplace we are prepared to rock both our technical and non-technical skills. It is not an either or game, it’s a Total Value game.

But what does that even mean? It means we need to start investing in our higher level soft skills. We need to invest in our levels of self awareness, so we can know our selling points, augment our weaknesses, build our confidence, and show up as our best selves every day. It requires the need to develop emotional intelligence, storytelling personalities, communication brilliance, and so much more. We need to foster creativity, innovation and right brain intelligence in how we approach problems, connect with humans, and solve for our future.

In lieu of an education system that teaches any of these soft skills in a meaningful way, our students who will soon be graduating from university will need to explore other avenues to develop these skills. Our employees in corporations will need to do the same, because we know companies are not in the business of teaching you these critical skills either, but on the flipside they are always looking to reward you for living and breathing them.

If you’re an employee, the solution is self development books, personal development workshops, conferences, and retreats – depending on the authors and curators, there are plenty of good avenues. And if you can afford it, working with an executive coach is the most effective, proven, and expedited path.

If you’re a student or recent graduate looking to expedite your ability to reach your dreams and prepare for the future of AI, then we believe the most effective and affordable solution for you is Experiential Insight. We’ve taken the executive coaching model off its pedestal and we’re making it accessible to students and recent grads in a way that is global, virtual, and ridiculously affordable. Let’s get you ready!