In the modern work environment, just IQ is no longer enough. These days, soft skills have become critical for success. Or as we call them – Success Skills.

That’s why we developed HyperQ.

HyperQ is every organizations solution for unlocking the hidden potential of your workforce to be able to navigate to the next level of growth and transformation.  

Built over 15 years of deep expertise, HyperQ is our thought leadership framework at Experiential Insight. It was created from the insights we gained while working closely with leaders of all ages, from the 18-year-old college student to the 65-year-old veteran CEO.

In 125 in-person and survey interviews with industry leaders on HyperQ, it became clear that without intentionally developing their employees, organizations stand very little chance of survival.

Why? Because:

  • Organizations have increased in complexity by 10% in just the last two years

  • 2/3 of change management initiatives fail because employees are not equipped to go through the change

  • Even training programs with new and sexy titles still mean that adults only retain 10% of what they learn in a classroom 

In a world of rapid change and transformation, there needs to be a new approach for the new ways of working and learning.

And that’s why we’re here -- to support you at the cusp of this change. Through our high impact group Coaching Tracks, we develop your employees so that their full human potential can be realized through HyperQ.

The powerful impact we make through HyperQ is best described through the words of one of our customers, “The part I loved the most is the comparison between how much/how hard we work versus how much impact we are making in the organization.”

Curious about what HyperQ entails?

HyperQ is Visionary Intelligence (VQ) multiplied by Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESQ). These two factors are made up of crucial Success Skills necessary for the leaders of the future.


It’s time to do things differently if you’re looking for different results. We are excited to offer HyperQ, your new solution forward.

In future articles on HyperQ, we will explore these important Success Skills more closely, so be sure to follow us to learn more.

Nishika de Rosairo | CEO and Founder | Experiential Insight

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