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As a human capital and human resource practitioner with 15 years of experience at Deloitte Consulting, Salesforce, Cisco, and others, I’ve spent my whole career entangled in the wheelhouse of anything and everything to do with the people dimension of running a business.

From behind the curtain, time and time again I’ve seen the challenges organizations face with increasing people value to better align with business value. And I believe that there is a better way forward.

The HR Challenge

One of the biggest challenges from an HR perspective has always been how to effectively create business value in a way that addresses the pain points. And from a business perspective, business leaders want to see that HR understands their priorities and comes to the table with the ammunition required to accelerate growth through their people.

The challenge for HR practitioners to date has been that the tools used to up-level talent for maximum business value hasn’t really added value. This is no fault of HR -- it’s simply because until now training has been the only available tool to up-level talent. Yet McKinsey data tells us that adults unfortunately only retain 10% of what they learn in a classroom, which means that they act on even less.

Building Mindsets Together

If we’re going to push value to the next required level, we need something vastly different than training that focuses only on traditional skillsets. We need to build mindsets, but not in a way that focuses on the individuals’ goals alone. Instead, we need to do it in a way that allows individuals to transform together with a business-centric focus.

One to one coaching models are popping up all over like mushrooms. However, when assessing them for your needs, the first question you should ask is:

Are they focused on life coaching, career coaching, or executive coaching?

These are all vastly different models of intent and focus, and if you’re a business your needs are highly likely geared towards executive coaching at every level, rather than life or career coaching.

The second question you need to ask is:

Are you focused on developing individuals for their own agendas and goals, or are you focused on building individuals that grow and transform together based on the organization’s goals?

It’s clear that the latter is more appealing for a variety of reasons including building a culture of learning together, psychological safety, group accountability, and fostering a team mentality.

So while one to one coaching has worked to date, with the predominant focus on coaching senior executives, it is not nearly as scalable, nor does it translate into rapid transformation for the entire organization.

That’s where group coaching comes in to play.

Scalable Group Coaching

Due to both its collaborative and scalable nature, group coaching is the future of HR.

It is an extremely powerful approach which can do the following things for you:

  • Build organizational cultures

  • Instill leadership visions

  • Create succession planning bench strength

  • Develop manager effectiveness

  • Solve for generational and global differences

  • Develop change agents at every level

  • Build customer mindsets

  • Reduce diversity challenges

  • Integrate acquired employees

That’s why at Experiential Insight we believe in investing in your people and your business by investing in our Group Coaching Tracks.

Ready for the Future of HR? Group Coaching is your answer.


Nishika de Rosairo  |  CEO and Founder  |  Experiential Insight 

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