20+ years ago when I started my career as a Change Management Consultant, little did I know that I would eventually find my full passion through a life-changing body of work called Executive Coaching.

I’ve spent my career working with some of the most intelligent leaders and the best companies in the world, from Deloitte Consulting to Cisco, Silicon Valley Bank, Royal Dutch Shell and so many others. It’s always been an honor to develop bright minds to that next level of management and leadership.

And now as an Executive Coach with Experiential Insight, I am able to have an even broader impact, by bringing executive-level skills to every level of an organization, through intimate group coaching that is designed for transformation. I’ve had the joy of coaching a diverse range of people – from university students to corporate managers and directors.

What I find most rewarding with Experiential Insight is the culture of continuous improvement. At the conclusion of each hour of group coaching, not only do I know my rating as an Executive Coach, most importantly I know how much I have shifted the needle with my Coachees. In each coaching session we ask them how equipped they are to add value as a result of the session. It’s amazing to see the transformation in their confidence. Having access to real-time results like this also allows me to reflect on my own coaching style – what I should do more of and what I can do better. It gives me the opportunity to bring my A+ game to every coaching session.

It is also phenomenal to work for a company that is built on hiring the best coaches around so that we can learn from each other. We have a 39% Executive Coach acceptance rate, which means we only hire the most elite talent. When you’re creating massive impact around the world and changing the face of organizations and societies, the bar needs to be set high.

Our thought leadership framework HyperQ allows us to address impact both with our clients and within our own walls – this is the best part about working for a global leader committed to unlocking human potential.

I’m grateful to have this opportunity to make a difference, and look forward to creating more impact in the years to come.


Suzanne Quentin | Executive Coach | Experiential Insight

Contact Experiential insight: info@experientialinsight.com

Website: www.experientialinsight.com