We recently interviewed 125 leaders across various industries on developing Hyper Intelligence (Hyper Q) in individuals. HyperQ is Visionary Intelligence (VQ) multiplied by Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESQ).

Here’s what we heard:

  1. IQ has a role to play in HyperQ: It is not an ‘either / or’ game of HyperQ or IQ. For the future of everything you need both HyperQ and IQ.

  2. Magnitude equals multiplication: If we’re looking for greater magnitude, then we can only endorse the 2x4 development formula for leadership and not the 2+4 development formula. Multiplication makes a significant difference, and HyperQ is a multiplication of VQ and ESQ for increased impact.

  3. Vision cannot exist without strategy: It is one thing to set a vision, yet another thing to build a strategy to execute on it. Without a strategy even the greatest of visions remain just that - a vision.

  4. Mindset: Engaging in a continuous loop of lifelong learning, feedback, and reflection in different social contexts is imperative to the next stage of evolution as a leader. Intelligence is an ever-evolving target with a direct correlation to our willingness and effort in wanting to learn and grow.

This is HyperQ. Welcome to the Future of Leadership.

Nishika de Rosairo | CEO and Founder | Experiential Insight 

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