Experiences are powerful -- they control how your brain attaches an emotion to a moment that is then etched in your memory. When you think about the level of service you received in the past, whether it’s at a restaurant or while you were out shopping, it’s always the surprisingly good or disastrously bad experiences that are the easiest to recall.

As the Customer Experience Manager at Experiential Insight, the experiences our customers receive is in my hands as I handle the end-to-end journey from start to finish. Exceptional products can make the first sale, but it’s the thoughtful design of a customer journey that creates a raving fan. 

Here at Experiential Insight, we are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Our Net Promoter Score, which is a tool used to gauge loyalty in customer relationships, is 92%. That’s because human connection and consistency are the cornerstones of our customer journeys.

At the core of our customer experience is human connection and how it is built, received, and internalized. Even through our digital products, human connection is still key, so everything we do is personalized with an extra touch.

Whether it’s a check-in email to our client, a dashboard with the information our world-class Coaches need to perform at their peak, or a personalized takeaway for our Coachees at the end of their Coaching Track, my vision for their experience starts with what I want them to feel as they go through our step-by-step journey.

To create customer journeys that deliver value end-to-end, I start by putting myself in our customer’s shoes. What kind of connection would they want to feel? How would they feel if they didn’t get the best experience? How would they feel if their 10/10 experience is followed by a mediocre 6/10?

Our customers are our biggest stakeholders, and they deserve the highest level of service – always! And I plan to continue to deliver and delight them because we value and deeply care about our customers and each of their journeys with us.  


Leslie Yu | Customer Experience Manager | Experiential Insight

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