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Penn State Smeal College of Business Partners with Experiential Insight to Provide Accelerated Employee Development to Their Alumni

Universities such as Smeal College are stepping up their game as alumni in the workplace are not getting meaningful opportunities to grow through their own companies. This could be a contributor to why 51% of US employees say they are actively looking for a new job or watching openings simply because they do not feel supported in reaching their full potential within their roles.

With a dedication to providing lifelong learning opportunities to their alumni, Smeal College partnered with Experiential Insight to provide access to pre-designed for

transformation Coaching Tracks to accelerate potential for their alumni in the workplace.

Alumni joined globally from companies such as TD Bank, IBM, Commission on Economic Opportunity, and others, and they experienced a significant shift from before the Coaching Track to after.

Download the report to see how universities are stepping up to develop alumni to reach their full potential.

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“This Coaching Track wasn't training, instead it was about learning from others and listening to their experiences. This was a highly valuable experience because you get to learn from others, which allows you to take some time away from your day-to-day to stop and re-evaluate the way you do things / what's important. I would most definitely recommend my Coaching Track to other colleagues. This Track has positively impacted my career at Nielsen because now I know others inside the business that I didn't before. I learned how they operate, how they think about the big picture, and how they have dealt with circumstances, which provides insight on how to better influence others. Overall, this experience prepares me for the future.”

Anthony Mete | Associate Director | Nielsen | Rating: 5/5


“My coach brought a global view with local knowledge - her understanding of how to communicate complex issues in a simple manner was excellent in a group experience. She pulled the knowledge and wisdom from the group and allowed everyone a chance to speak and give their views. I got some key concepts out of it which I have taken forward in my volunteering and board roles. In particular how I coach in my various roles at work and outside has been improved. I would recommend Experiential Insight to a colleague or friend. The key positive impact was the great network (some of whom I have already met with after) and the global mindset.”

Dan Walker | Cloud Solutions Sales Executive | Microsoft | Rating: 5/5


“What I liked most out of the Executive Coaching experience was connecting the shared experiences and practical situations others have had. I would recommend it to a colleague or friend because of the fantastic value in new perspectives, different tools, fresh feedback, self reflection, and views on other business challenges. I absolutely believe the experience has positively impacted my career by furthering my knowledge and perspectives.”

Damian Hoorn | General Manager | AA Auto Center | Rating: 5/5


“I liked the diversity of the people, openness of the group, and the direction the Executive Coach brought to each section of my group Executive Coaching Track. I was able to look within myself for the answers I needed and learn new things about myself and my career. I would absolutely recommend this experience to a colleague or friend. This Coaching Track definitely helped in preparing for interviewing for my new job because I had new areas or expectations that I was looking in my next role.”

Ted Mulch | Senior Business Analyst | Grifols Biomat USA, Inc | Rating: 5/5


“The part I loved the most is the comparison between how much/how hard we work versus how much impact we are making in the organization, which gave me a good opportunity to review my day to day work as well as how much I'm really adding value. I’ve added this task into my monthly calendar – to review how much time I’m spending on value add activity every month. For me, this was almost like a mini version of the EMBA program, which gave me really good ideas about what sort of training/education is needed at the executive/management level, and now I am considering further education. Experiential Insight really opened my mind in terms of thinking strategically like an executive, focusing on the bigger picture, as well as it gave me more ideas about problem solving, and I would highly recommend it to a friend or colleague.”

Jonathan Li | Risk Analyst | Bank of New Zealand | Rating: 5/5