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Nishika de Rosairo

CEO + Founder

Nishika has spent the last 15 years of her life focused on two things – people and impact in corporations ranging from Deloitte Consulting, Apple, Salesforce, Cisco, Levi, Chevron and several other giants to the startups of Silicon Valley. Having made decisions and influenced key outcomes across multiple organizations, she is now the CEO and founder of her own Silicon Valley startup, Experiential Insight, with a mission to unlock the human potential of the world.

Nishika has developed an accelerated way to unlock human potential through a digital platform that provides executive coaching through an intimate group model that is designed for transformation and growth. The cherry on top is a unique framework she calls HyperQ that has extensive rigor with the goal of increasing alignment to the Success Skills required for the Future of Work.

In addition to her corporate experience, Nishika has vast experience working with universities in several different capacities. She sits on several boards, frequently keynotes and speaks to multiple audiences on the topics of leadership, entrepreneurship, and women breaking the statistics. She also has broad international experience having lived extensively on four continents and traveled to 50+ countries.

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Bob Thordarson

Chief Technology Officer

Bob heads up Experiential Insight’s technology development and is a proven veteran who has spent the last 20+ years leading startups to successful exits. Bob has successfully exited from two prior startups himself including Consumerware Inc. and Cequint Inc. where he and his team revolutionized Caller ID as a service delivering both hardware and software solutions for the telecom operator market. 

Bob brings deep experience to drive the design, scale, and go to market strategy of technology solutions. He is also a Board Member and Accelerator Chair for Entrepreneurs’ Organization chapter in Seattle. 

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Burju Erdem

Chief Growth Officer

Burju is a high-impact, results-driven Chief Growth Officer, on a mission to sustainably scale and build the Future of Leadership with Experiential Insight. Having lived in various corners of the world, Burju is a seasoned leader who is able to drive business impact across various cultures and settings.

With a background in both business and software engineering, Burju started off her career at Deloitte Consulting in their strategy and operations service area, and gradually moved into large scale banking transformations. Later in life, she started integrating her studies and experience in existential psychotherapy, leadership and executive coaching to serve C-Suite executives in their mission to thrive. 




Alyene Schneidewind

SENIOR Vice President




venture partner

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lisa paul

chief people officer

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Nicole Brigandi

Executive Coach and Advisor

Nicole Brigandi Advisory


Heather Brewer

Director New Business Development

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